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Saturday March 28th, 2015 - 2AM Central Time

The Timeless Turquoise and Coral are still available as of this update! It's not too late to ask.

Email me at .


BELOW: Click on the thumbnails for additional photos and descriptions for each item. If you're new to the Superstars experience, scroll down below the photos for more information.

Black Rose Shimmer Spikes : a trio of Spikes from the Foof series : $55


Cherry Citron Mod Dots : 8 beads from the wayback : $115


Designer Gummi Mega Woozballs : 10 velvety mega-sized doughnut spacers from the Foof series : $70


Egg Hunt Sparklers : 3 glass & copper beads : $90


El Hombre : 7 beads : $120


Lavender Fish Scale Ball : 1 sizeable & tactile bead : $35


Neon Caravan : a sampler of 7 brilliant beads : $130


Party Ball : 1 glass and sterling bead : $35


Rainbow Flames Stardust Balls from the Foof series : 7 striking beads : $140


Vintage Obsession: Scarabesque : 9 vintage inspired beads : $80


Sunny Day Super Duper Star : 1 big thrilling star-shaped bead : $35


Timeless Turquoise & Coral - 7 delightfully versatile beads from the Foof series : $135


send questions and requests to:


Superstars are beads that exist and are ready to go, and are sold right here, on this page of my website. The selections are sold on a first come/first served basis. Sales happen on Thursday evenings at 8PM Central Time, and when I can swing it, there will a 30 minute preview beginning at 7:30pm. I will send two notifications - one earlier in the week, and then another a few hours before the sale on Thursday.

There is currently no shopping cart. You must email me with your request. First come, first served.

As soon as you decide what you want, please include the name(s) of the bead(s) you want to purchase in your email. These sales sometimes move at a fast pace, so be quick! Click that refresh button (or ctrl+shift+refresh) frequently to stay current, as I will update the selections as pending (requested) or sold (paid) as they go. I'll let you know if you got lucky or missed out and will update you on what's still available. If you missed out on something you really love, chances are you can request it made to order. Feel free to ask!

Please send the following info once you receive confirmation that your selection is YOURS:

1.Your correct PayPal email address - - you must provide a complete email address for me to send you an invoice.

2. If you're a US buyer and want to insure your package - if you don't mention insurance, it won't be added to your total.

3. Your location - US, Canada, Antarctica, etc. so I can charge you the correct amount for shipping.

4. If you want to expedite things and feel comfortable in doing so, go ahead and get 1, 2 and 3 out of the way in your initial request, and all I'll have to do is send your invoice.

ALL BUYERS: Please read HERE for shipping charges, as they are additional to the prices you see above.


Payment through Paypal is awesome (and required for international orders), but for US buyers, Money Orders and checks (checks from established buyers only, please) are also cheerfully accepted. Payment must be received within 3 days via Paypal, and please make your best effort in helping payment by snail mail reach me before 10 days is up. I am not equipped to take credit card numbers directly. If you ever need a few extra days to send payment, please tell me - I'm happy to accommodate when I can.


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